Design services for enterprise, SMBs, and startup businesses.

Digital, UX, brand, and print design for all of your  marketing and sales initiatives.

Are you a CEO or CMO that doesn't have creative resources available?

Is  your agency taking too much time on projects or doesn't understand your business?

In marketing or sales that needs a quick turn on a creative project?

I can help you with all of your marketing and sales creative today:

Fill the gap with creative services for all of your digital, print, and UX design‍
Fill in the gaps with creative services for all of your digital, print, UX design, brand, interactive, and trade shows
Lower cost, reduce time, and headaches from your existing agency‍
Lower cost and reduce turnaround time on your projects and remove frustrations from your existing agency
Speed-to-marketcapabilities completing your projects ahead of time‍
capabilities executing creative projects and product launches that meet your deadlines


Charlotte Tarantola
Entertainment Partners
Adamson Ahdoot
Centros Digital
Bahati Foundation
Dun & Bradstreet


Creative services supporting all of your marketing and business needs.

What I can do for you

What I can do for you

Intuitive and  effective design that your users and customers love. Here are all the services I provide:

Digital / Brand / Print
UX Design / Prototyping
Presentations / Interactive Demos
Motion Graphics
Trade Shows / Outdoor
Email Campaigns / Landing Pages
Display / Social Ads
Product / Technology Support
Applications I use


Every creative needs the right tools to do a great job. I currently use the following applications:

XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Animate, Media Encoder
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Sway
JIRA, Figma, Webflow
What you can expect

What you can expect

I design and execute projects and deliver revenue-driven assets across campaigns and platforms.

Maximize brand awareness
Intuitive user experience
Source print and promo items
Research latest technologies
Up-to-date with  latest design trends
Collaborator and  cross functional
Deadline driven


A few examples:

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Hello it's me... Mike

Mike Samuelsen, Executive Creative Director

Mike Samuelsen
Executive Creative Director

Throughout my 15 year career I've collaborated with a wide range of businesses from enterprise, SMBs (small and midsize businesses), and  startups with companies such as  BakeMark, Operant, GB, Entertainment Partners, Dun & Bradstreet, Credibility Corp., United Online, NetZero, Sunshine, Disney, and Sun America. My approach to design is to discover, ideate, and execute intuitive and effective design solutions which meet the business needs of B2B/B2C, technology, legal, fashion, entertainment, and financial industries.



Google UX Design Certificate


Firescope's website is responsive and accessible for people who live in high fire hazard zones. It offers a free landscape estimate, real-time fire map, has a learning center, you can shop fire resistant plants, and was designed, built, and prototyped using Adobe XD.

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Sammy's Cycles

Sammy’s Cycles is a cycle shop offering sales, service, events, and a full service pub. You can  make an appointment for sales, service, look up events, and make table reservations for its own pub. Sammy's Cycles was designed, built, and prototyped using Figma.

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